Tuesday, July 07, 2009
  FON stopped in Germany
A court in Cologne recently agreed with the plaintiff, a local ISP , who argued that FON is abusing the flat rate of existing ISPs , "surfing" for free on their biz models and thus using unfair practices against local ISPs. The details of the ruling explicitly show that sharing for free (i.e. in your neighborhood as funkfeuer.at or freifunk do) is perfectly legal. Interesting...

Original news report (german)
Sunday, June 28, 2009
  opespectrum.eu launches

Opensepctrum.eu is a plattform which pushes for more spectrum for the public.
The great success of Wi-Fi has shown us that ISM bands and free access to spectrum can be extremely useful and help innovative small and medium businesses.

The Open Spectrum Alliance is a coalition of companies, organizations, and individuals working to unlock the potential benefits of bandwidth for all.
Current methods of spectrum regulation are based upon the assumption of scarcity reflecting the technologies of the early 20th Century. "Smart" radio technologies support far more efficient and productive methods of spectrum management.
The Open Spectrum Alliance is united by the goal of realizing the potential social and economic benefits of this underutilized natural resource by promoting innovative public policies.


Saturday, January 10, 2009
  olsrd ported to the google phone (android, G1)!

I have been sitting together today with Ivan Klimek and we were hacking on a few things.
Amongst them something that I wanted to do for a long time already: porting olsrd to the Google Android phone. This means meshing between phones. I love it :)

So basically this is the first demo. We would need a good userinterface of local services around on different G1s and some service discovery. Anybody interested in working on this, please get in touch with aaron - @at@ - lo-res.org.
Thursday, December 25, 2008
  Ghosts of the internet by Andy Oram
I met Andy in Boston and have been following his blog at O'Reilly regularly.
I really enjoyed this particular post - about the Internet's past, present and future. It explains why we need community wifi networks and good policy hacking. Merry x-mas!
Tuesday, December 02, 2008
  olsr-0.5.6-r3 released
olsr-core released olsr-0.5.6-r3 today.
I would like to encourage everyone to try this out and report to us if things break.

after 4 weeks of joint collaboration the developer community
have hunt down a couple of bugs. we are proud to release
another spin of our 0.5.6 (stable) branch.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008
  T. Clausen's lecture at Wien/funkfeuer.at about OLSRv2
We will start now (19:00 CET, UTC+02) with T. Clausen's presentation
about OLSRv2 in Vienna / funkfeuer.at / metalab.at.
If you are not here you can still join in :

Low quality:


Better quality + sound:

use VLC (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/), it
can stream via the URL http://supercam.superbertram.com:8080
(in VLC it is important to go to "Open network" and then type in the


If you want to view the presentation later, please go to

Have questions?

-> irc: server: p2pchat.net, #funkfeuer.at
I will be there and forward the questions.
In case you have problems with the stream, please send me a mail.


Thursday, July 24, 2008
  update DNS now!
The discussion about Dan Kaminsky's discovery of the DNS vulnerability just made a new twist and the vulnerability became more scary. Previously it was agreed upon that we (the internet) are given one month time to patch our DNS servers. That went down to "now" when Matasano leaked the attack and thus the public knew.  
Just one day later, the attack is already implemented in metasploit
At CERT.at we analyzed all of Austria's bigger nameservers in detail and found that approx. two thirds of all recursive DNS nameservers in Austria are vulnerable / unpatched! This does not include the numerous dnsqmasq recursive servers on linksyses or other small embedded devices!

What does this all mean?
It means when you thought you were surfing to "www.google.com" (or any link) you might end up at let's say a p0rn site. Or something like that. Or a fake banking site. Not so bad? Well think about it. You will (thanks to DNS poisoning) end up at the p0rn site every the time and not be able to reach google. DNS is fundamental to the internet.

So what to do about it?
  1. check if your DNS server is vulnerable (you can also script this with dig +short porttest.dns-oarc.net TXT)
  2. if it is -> patch! All major DNS server software providers released updates.
  3. Please, take your time for it, now! If you know that your DNS server is unpatched and you can not patch it, bug your sysadmin. 

Aaron Kaplan

(for a background on why people found out so quickly: read this)

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